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Best Website App For NEET Preparation

Best free Website App For NEET Preparation

I must suggest you do small research my own after reading my answer. I too have gone with this process and after complete analysis, I am writing this answer.

I use to spend time on Google to discover the best result.

Everyone knows in my network that I can do better research, that’s why People use to ask me about the best content on the internet.

Recently, my cousin sister, who is NEET aspirant asked me about the best app that helps in the preparation of NEET exam.

I was very much serious because this is a matter of someone future. I asked him to give some time because I need to go with the best research.

When I was doing research, there were many points coming in mind such as

  • The app must have unique features that help individual not as a whole
  • The app must be based on artificial intelligence that suggests individual to secure a better result
  • The app must focus on the weak point of every individual
  • The app can compare student performance in his network
  • It should not like the common ongoing test series of the coaching classes
  • It must focus to enhance the overall education of an individual who is preparing for NEET.

Best Website App For NEET Preparation

Best Website App For NEET Preparation

I was knowing that it’s difficult because everyone is now selling education, they do not care about knowledge and all.

Their main target is to intake as an admission in mass numbers.

When browsing over the internet, I came across ExamScale, a very unique and informative platform for Medical students based on Artificial Intelligence.

So, that they do. I have gone through the apps & It is very useful and interesting that makes education not so boring.

You can give TEST based on your weaknesses

You can analysis your weak areas through this website.

You can avail best content in form of videos, text topic, blog post on NEET

You just need to register once and then you can avail all the services

  1. give a test on this website
  2. measure your test performance
  3. You can measure your accuracy
  4. Can measure your test timing score
  5. measure your progress
  6. can measure your ranking

which I think is the best part of this website.


These features make the best website for NEET preparation.

I recommend you all to go with this website once, you will find this very useful.



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